Comprehensive Development of Commercial / Tertiary projects

Our business is the comprehensive development of COMMERCIAL / TERTIARY projects on a long-term lease basis with top rank lessees as well as balanced, calculable and transparent leasehold contracts.

We plan and conceptualise all projects to be sold to final investors such as family-offices, investment funds and private investors.

All promotions have to comply with our mission: guaranteeing SAFETY, PROFITABILITY and SUSTAINABILITY in the long term for all those involved in these projects (operators, investors and public administrations).

Our professionalism, experience and reliability, along with the firm backing from our German parent company Unternehmensgruppe Dünkel Holding (with more than 80 years of successful business history along with diversified business activities and a total number of 500 employees) have enabled us to reach an amount of over 500,000 square metres developed and built within the ACTIV-GROUP division.





                                                                                     Organigrama Activ Group 











All our projects are carried out step by step following a structured and controlled management process so that our own team of professionals constantly reviews and supervises the different stages involved 












1933 Founding of "Kieswerke Dünkel", by Ferdinand and Maria Dünkel, in Schemmerhofen, a company working in aggregate extraction with several quarries of its own in southern Germany

1958 Incorporation of "BAV Dach und Wandverkleidungen", a company engaged in aluminium metal carpentry, with over 150,000 m2 of carpentry installed a year

1985 Incorporation of "Atrium Werbeagentur", a company engaged in advertising (print and digital), merchandising, organising events, trade fairs etc., with customers from the hotel sector such as Hilton, NH, Sheraton etc.

1993 Incorporation of "Knopf & Knopf International", a company working in the textile sector, preparing and producing buttons, labels and accessories for such customers as Boss, Bogner, Esprit

1996 Foundation of the promoter "ACTIV Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG", involved in undertaking commercial and tertiary projects

2005 Foundation of "ACTIV Solar GmbH & Co. KG" and "ACTIV Energy GmbH & Co. KG", companies in the business of generating photovoltaic and geothermal energy

2009 Incorporation of ACTIV-GROUP Spain

2011 Opening of the new headquarters in Schemmerhofen, with 2,500 m2 of offices and over 200 employees

2011 Delivery of the first project in Spain (an ALDI Supermarket in Cartagena)

2011 Acquisition of an emblematic and classified building in central Barcelona, to convert this into a 4 star hotel

2012 Act for "laying the first stone”, of the future Hotel

2013 Delivery of the second "high-standing" villa in Majorca

2014 Delivery of “Vincci Gala”Hotel, Barcelona

2015 Fifteen "Retail" projects delivered or under construction

2016 Three openings, 15,900m2 GLA delivered.

2017 Acquisition of several plots, with a total surface area of 43,000m2, to develop four commercial projects of 22,100m2 GL

2017 Delivery of the "Benidorm-Finestrat" project, with 5,500m2 GLA.

2018 Three openings, with 18,000m2 of GLA delivered.

2019 Opening with 100% occupancy of Mazarrón Park, 11 operators, 10,500m2 GLA.

2020 Start of demolition and complete refurbishment of the "mixed-use" project in Terrassa.










09 - 2021 Beginning of the construction of the project Hotel Sercotel in Málaga - Descargar PDF

06 - 2021 Purchase of 6.664m2 of commercial land in Murcia, for the development of a ratail park. 

05 - 2021 Purchase of 4.973m2 of commercial land in Valencia for the development of a supermarket.

04 - 2021 Purchase of an urban plot  with 3.000m2 of buildable area, for the development of a 4* hotel in Valencia

01 - 2021 New project Residence for the elderly - Descargar PDF

11 - 2020 New project B&B Madrid  - Descargar PDF

03 - 2020 New project Sercotel Málaga  - Descargar PDF

11 - 2019 New project Vincci Valencia - Descargar PDF

10 - 2019 New project for "mixed use" in Terrassa (Barcelona) - Descargar PDF

12 - 2018 Delivery of the project Madrid-Villaverde, with 5,300m2 GLA -Download PDF

11 - 2018 Opening Ceremony of Mazarrón Park (Murcia) -Download PDF

11 - 2018 Delivery and opening of the Retail Park in Mazarrón, with 10,500m2 GLA -Download PDF

11 - 2018 Delivery and opening of San Pedro Pinatar Phase II -Download PDF

07 - 2018 Beginning of the construction of the project San Pedro Pinatar Fase II

03 - 2018 Aki opens a store in Soria, a project promoted by Activ-Group -Download PDF

03 - 2018 Beginning of the construction of the Retail Park in Puerto de Mazarrón

02 - 2018 Foundation stone ceremony in the new Retail Park in Puerto de Mazarrón (Murcia) -Download PDF

12 - 2017 ACTIV-GROUP sells Pinatar Park (Murcia) to Castellana Properties Socimi - Download PDF

06 -2017  ACTIV-GROUP starts constructing a new AKI DIY store in Soria -  Descargar PDF ​ 

04 - 2017 ACTIV-GROUP starts constructing a retail park in Puerto Mazarrón (Murcia) - Descargar PDF ​ 

03 - 2016 ACTIV-GROUP starts the building of a 23,000 m2 retail park in San Pedro del Pinatar (Murcia) - Download PDF

02 - 2016 ACTIV-GROUP starts the building of an AKI Do-It-Yourself centre and Burger King in Ciudad Real   - Download PDF

12 - 2015 ACTIV-GROUP opens the SIMPLY hypermarket in Ciempozuelos (Madrid) - Download PDF

11 - 2015 ACTIV-GROUP opens the AKI D.I.Y. centre in Ávila - Download PDF

04 - 2015 ACTIV-GROUP starts building a SIMPLY hypermarket in Ciempozuelos (Madrid) - Download PDF

03 - 2015 Inmodiario: ACTIV-GROUP promotes new projects for Aldi, Aki, McDonald's and BP - Download PDF

03 - 2015 MADEby: Hotel Vincci Gala in Barcelona, ES - Download PDF

10 - 2014 Hostel Pro: Vincci Gala, Barcelona a commitment to the renewed avant-garde - Download PDF

09 - 2014 Revista info Retail: New Aldi projects in Madrid and Levante - Download PDF

06 - 2014 Expansión: ACTIV-GROUP sells theVincci Gala and ten supermarkets - Download PDF

03 - 2014 Vincci Hoteles incorporates its third hotel in Barcelona, on a rental basis - Download PDF

10 - 2013 ACTIV-GROUP materialises several projects in Spain - Download PDF

10 - 2013 SPANISH REAL ESTATE: Firm commitment to small and medium-sized commercial projects - Download PDF

10 - 2013 Expansión: Vincci Hotel Barcelona soon to open - Download PDF

01 - 2013 Barcelona Catalonia: Interview with Mathias Buttkus E-News Barcelona  - See source

12 - 2012 Diario de Ávila: Opening of Aldi Supermarket in Ávila  - Download PDF

12 - 2012 Opening of Aldi Ávila, 20-10-12  - Download PDF

12 - 2012 Laying first stone of Hotel Ronda Sant Pedro, 29-10-12  - Download PDF

01 - 2012 Diario de Ávila: Start of construction works on supermarket in Ávila  - Download PDF

09 - 2011 Inmodiario: The Spanish- German promoter Activ-Group delivers its promotion to ALDI Supermarkets in Cartagena  - Download PDF

01 - 2011 Infohoreco: Vincci is boosting its presence in Barcelona  - Download PDF